Ghost Story Maiden

Chap5 - Ghost Story MaidenEdit

Outside of Hoshimoto HomeEdit

Outside shot of Hoshimoto Home. Hoshimoto and Tokunyan are sitting inside. Tokunyan sitting watching Hoshimoto sitting at a small table with bursh wirting equiment. One light to one side of Hoshimoto. Hoshimoto “I decided to write a story, to cure my boredom.” She as a small round mirror looking at herself. She paints a circle around one eye in the mirror and four vertical lines under the other eye. She adds mustache on to the image. “But my brush won’t move at all.” As she looking into the mirror Tokunyan pops in front of her face to face. “Then you should try to conquer the land, Onee-sama.” Hoshimoto is little taken aback look at Tokunyan. Tokunyan “That would be more entertaining.” Hoshimoto “But I’m not interested in conquest.” Images of conquest with the army around her and body’s on the ground. She has a looking into the distance face. “Conquest…” Then she looks at Tokunyan and paints a big X on her face. “I’ll leave that to Nobunaga-dono.” Tokunyan blurts back. “Then let’s send something to Nobunaga-san.” Hoshimoto looks down a little thinking. “Send something?” Tokunyan puts one hand up pointing up. “I just got a splendid hunting hawk…” Hoshimoto claps her hand. I’m sure Nobunaga-dono would love it. We could have her join us for a hunt… I can’t wait!” Tokunyan is washing her face. “I’m really looking forward to it, too.” Thinking in mind “In many ways.”

Outside of Hoshimoto Home Edit

Outside shot of Hoshimoto Home. In the main room Nobunaga is sitting in chair with Akechi sitting on the floor next to her. Hoshimoto and Tokunyan are sitting on the floor talking to Nobunaga. Hideyoshi and Shiro are peeking around the corner of the entrance watching and listening. Behind on the wall a is a beautiful sky and tree scene. Hideyoshi ask Shiro. “What’s hawk-hunting?” Shiro “It means using a trained hawk to hunt. It’s a primary form of entertainment around here. Your lord is quite a fan of hawks, as well. Lords from other countries come and bring her hawks.” In between Nobunaga and Hoshimoto is a hawk in a cage on the floor. Hideyoshi kind of sit up a little looking in. “Does hunting mean I get meat, for once?” Hideyoshi looks over to Shiro when he starts to talk. Shiro “A banquet! A banquet! A banquet with meat from hunted beasts!” Just then Shingen-san and Kenshin-san come into the room. Hideyoshi has a disappointed look. “Shingen-san… And Kenshin-san, also.” Kenshin bends down to look at the hawk. “Quite a splendid hawk!” Shingen “Well done, Leyasu.”

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