Memory Maiden

Chap6-MemoryMaiden Camera high scene of Oda castle down to move to courtyard of castle. Hideyoshi and Shiro are sitting on the porch of the building with their legs hanging down off the edge. They are looking into courtyard as it raining into the courtyard. They are meditating as the camera pans. Flower come into view with rain drops running off the pedals. Said sitting there “Bored! Bored!” She kind of sump over a little. Shiro crosses his arms. “You’re supposed to pass these days lost in thought…” She looks down at Shiro. Shiro “Opening the box in your heart that you’d long ago close…” She turns back to looking out into the courtyard for about thirty seconds. “But I’m bored!” And falls backward. Shiro turns to look at her. “You’re an idiot, you know that? Haven’t you any idea of what it means to be Japanese?” Hideyoshi sits up look down at Shiro. “Um, no… Not really, I guess.” Shiro “Shot up!


Death Roller


Young Oda


Oda Mother give young Oda the pipe


She trips and pushes a trigger brick


Oda Mother


Oda hits the brick that open a trap door


They fall down the shaft

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