1. Transfer Maiden

Yoshino "Hideyoshi" Hide is an average student who has a lot of problems with Japanese history. HideyoshiOnTheTrain
She alway seem to gets caught in the train ride to school and is always misses her stop. She tries to sneak into class, but alway get caught.

When she gets seated in her chair, she looks around to see the teacher setting in the desk next to her.
HideyoshiTeacher1 HideyoshiTeacher
She get a talking to in the teacher office. Note teacher seem to have a lot of good martial art equipment in the back ground.

AkechiSchool IeyasuSchool
She has two close friends in school. The two friends in school that later show up as Akechi Mitsuhide and Tokugawa Ieyasu in the other universe.

After hearing someone else getting their prays answered. So she try to get help with a pray from a shrine. She climbs up the steps to the shrine in the dark park area.

Chanting1-BattleGirls-Fallinto nhi2RTransport
She get mixed up in the spell and is transport to a parallel universe of Feudal Japan, but the main characters of that period are women instead of men. She sitting in front flames. You see later it is a town going up flames. There are men moving in on a single person. It is Akechi Mitsuhide ready to do battle.

Hideyoshi2 AkechiOpening
Just before the men were going to attack another person comes out of the shadows. Admits the flame she, with one swing of her sword, takes out all the men with flames shooting from her sword.

She find out the person with sword is Oda Nobunaga. She check out her history book as to the relationship of the characters in this time period.
CkHistoryBook Hideyoshi looks at her history book at the Japanese history and the people she is meeting here.

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