Sky Maiden

Ieyasu is Yoshimoto retainer. Ieyasu tells Yoshimoto About the letter Oda has sent. Oda has asks for the armor. Yoshimoto has the left leg. She doesn’t know why Oda want it. The letter doesn’t say why. Yoshimoto to like the weather and she is bored lately. Ieyasu mention that Oda will be here soon. Yoshimoto “Well it might be fun to play outside, for once.” Ieyasu is wondering what they are going to do. Ieyasu uses a staff/wand to do spells. Yoshimoto uses a bow and arrow/arrows. Oda, Akechi, and Hideyoshi riding horses to Yoshimoto land. Oda and Akechi stop at a overlooking Yoshimoto land. Oda look back to see Hideyoshi horse jumping all over the place. Oda tells Hideyoshi to be a warrior you must be accustomed to handling a horse. Hideyoshi yells back she is not a warrior. Flashback to the throne room. Hideyoshi is sitting in front Oda. Akechi is sitting to the side of Oda. They talk about the Crimson Armor. Hideyoshi is thinking as to remember about the armor. Akechi yells at Hideyoshi about the armor and Hideyoshi ‘Oh yea, Oh yea the armor in a panic. Oda remind Hideyoshi that she was to help to get the armor. Hideyoshi “Oh!” She asks if Ieyasu is with Yoshimoto. She is told she been with Yoshimoto for three years. Oda tell Hideyoshi she has sent a letter to Yoshimoto and then go to negotiate for the armor. She tells Hideyoshi when they go she will be coming too. Back to the now, Hideyoshi riding the horse with a large bump on her head after falling off the horse. Akechi tells Hideyoshi she looks pathetic. Hideyoshi yell at Akechi “I’m just a normal middle school girl! She is hungry and her butt hurt.” Oda tells the both of them there is tea house up ahead and they have great Abekawa mochi. Hideyoshi light up like a pin ball machine at the Abekawa mochi. Date is hiding behind a tree off to one side. They all stop because Hideyoshi fell off the hose again. Just then they all look up to see Yoshimoto army come into sight in front. There is large army with spears and Yoshimoto and Ieyasu are standing in the middle of them. Yoshimoto tells them it take longer than expected.


Army on both side of the river
with the two Captans battle in
middle land.


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