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# EnglishTitle RomajiTitle KanjiTitle OriginalAirDate
1 Transfer Maiden Tensō Otome 転送乙女 April 5, 2011

Transfer MaidenEdit

Yoshino "Hideyoshi" Hide is an average student who has a lot of problems with history and getting to school on time. She try to get help with a pray from a shrine. She get mixed up in the spell and is transport to a parallel universe of Feudal Japan, but the main characters of that period are women instead of men.

2 Confused Maiden Konwaku Otome 困惑乙女 April 12, 2011

Confused MaidenEdit

Nobunaga is intriged Hideyoshi, Nobunaga and Akechi go back to the town that had burnt down last night.

3 Sky Maiden Tenkū Otome 天空乙女 April 19, 2011

Sky MaidenEdit

Nobunaga, Akechi and Hideyoshi go to meet with Yoshimoto to see how they can get the left leg of the Crimson Armor. Ieyasu is Yoshimoto retainer. She also resembles one of Hideyoshi's high school friends. Yoshimoto refuses to give the left leg to Oda. Oda didn't wanting to use forces. Nobunaga listening to Hideyoshi decides to settle things by challenging Yoshimoto to a variety of games. They tie all the games and have one more to go. The last game involves kite-fighting. But this one has Hideyoshi and Ieyasu attached to very large kites. They have fireworks attached to them. Ieyasuhad disconnected hers, but Yoshimot had seen that was a problem and reconnected it and told Ieyasu after she was tied to the kite. Hideyoshi's firework doesn't go off thanks to Ieyasu's attacks but Ieyasu goes up instead. Hideyoshi manages to catch her from falling, but then her firework goes off after all. At the end of the day, Yoshimoto admits her loss and gives Nobunaga the armor piece and Hideyoshi is rewarded with some Japanese sweets.

4 Confrontation Maiden Taiketsu Otome 対決乙女 April 26, 2011

Confrontation MaidenEdit

Takeda and Uesuhi are two clans that has been battle for a long time. You find out they rather fighting each other than having their army fighting each other,

5 Ghost Story Maiden Kaidan Otome 怪談乙女 May 3, 2011

Ghost Story MaidenEdit

Oda, Akechi, and Hideyoshi are sitting in the middle a bridge watching a battle between Takeda and Uesuhi on the island in the middle of the river. Their army are on either side of the river watch the battle but not doing anything. Takeda and Uesuhi seem to be having fun in a way of sparing. Oda is waiting for the battle to finish so she ask for the armor pieces.

Later they go hunting. There is a rabbit and the hawk goes after it into the forest. They go traveling into the forest. After a while they come across a camp fire. There is a group of people around the fire. Closer look the fire it is 100 candles lite in the center of the group. Hideyoshi sees Date in the group sitting around the candles. The rest of the group are dead or just bones. They why she there she tell them she cutting through the forest and was force to join the group. Oda not having any of take the group and leaves. A minute later they right back with group. They try this two more times. Date explain they have to tell a story and if they like it one candle will go out. All of the candle will have to go for the curse to be broken. They all take turns telling stories. They put out about seventy of the candles. It was Oda turn, but had nothing. Hideyoshi whipper a story from modern times into Oda ear and had Oda repeat it. They were so impress all the rest of the candle went out. They all bow to Oda and say she is the true leader. One by one they turn to dust. The spirit fie inside was left and the fire left the circle. They made it back to the trail and found the hawk and the dead rabbit for the banquet Though I think Hideyoshi wanted the rabbit alive for a pet.

6 Memory Maiden Omoide Otome 想出乙女 May 10, 2011

Memory MaidenEdit

Oda sparing with some of her servant in house. She beat all comer. Akechi does a spare with and loses. They do a hard core cross country of catching fish in the river, picking berry's, working in the fields. Oda explain to Hideyoshi why she has the pipe all the time. It was a gift from her mother to help control her anger. Oda takes her down into a training area under ground with traps. At the time it was all turn off, but Hideyoshi after Oda tells the story Hideyoshi tripped the on button brick. They have start running to dodge all the trap of knives, axes, spike roller, and flying stone. Date looking up into the falling rain remembering the time in the rain at home when she was walking up to the shrine. At that time there was a bright flash and someone staggered out of the shrine and fall to the ground. The women was some short of a time traveler. This is where date learn to become a time traveler from the stuff the time traveler had on her.

7 Drama Maiden Omoide Otome 想出乙女 May 17, 2011

Drama MaidenEdit


8 Fever Maiden Binetsu Otome 微熱乙女 May 24, 2011

Fever MaidenEdit


9 Saigoku Maiden Saigoku Otome 西国乙女 May 31, 2011

Saigoku MaidenEdit


10 Double Suicide Maiden Shinjū Otome 心中乙女 June 7, 2011

Double Suicide MaidenEdit


11 Pillaging Maiden Gōdatsu Otome 強奪乙女 June 14, 2011

Pillaging MaidenEdit


12 Warring Maiden Sengoku Otome 戦国乙女 June 21, 2011

Warring MaidenEdit


13 Sunshine Maiden Yōkō Otome 陽光乙女 June 27, 2011

Sunshine MaidenEdit


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